Integration Programme

Our Integration Programme focuses on enabling refugees to unlock their potential, rebuild their lives and make a positive contribution to the communities they live in.

The biggest barrier for refugees and migrants to become independent and fully integrated into society is a lack of language skills. Language skills are crucial for gaining equal socio-economic rights and accessing employment and education. Furthermore, shared language is essential for social cohesion and the overall well-being of refugees - it prevents exclusion and marginalisation and affects one’s sense of self-worth. Research recommends that access to language classes starts as soon as possible after arrival.

Our programme offers comprehensive, integrated support to enable participants to learn English in the most efficient way, increase their prospects of gaining access to meaningful employment and become self-sufficient.


Individual level:

  • Enables participants to gain confidence in expressing themselves
  • Helps participants to secure work in line with their skills, experience and education and achieve financial independence
  • Allows participants to develop a more comprehensive support network

Community level:

  • Enables participants to take part in community life to a fuller extent
  • Enhances cultural exchange
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion.

National level:

  • Supports attracting highly skilled, specialised talent into the labour market and its critical fields
  • Increases the potential economic output and helps offset fiscal challenges
  • Boosts innovation

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